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About Us

Liyang Hengye Carpet Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In 2011, GRACE Brand was created with sincerity in Liyang of Jiangsu Province. With endless pursuit of the fashionable design concept, it is carpet tile brand for modern offices and home. With its design and manufacturing process, GRACE carpet tiles are suitable for office buildings, upscale hotels, entertainment area and homes, and introduce simple, fashionable and comfortable culture to the life of Chinese people. 

Up to 2017, GRACE has set up 7 offices and 7 storehouses across China, and more offices and storehouses are under construction. Our constantly improved sales network will cover all large cities across China, to realize direct contact with our clients and bring first-class and convenient service; GRACE offers quality service including suggestions on decoration and selection of styles, home delivery service and pavement, with the aim of giving customers100% satisfying consumption experience. 

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From Nature Melt Into Life

Grace is a square carpet brand that penetrates design into modern office homes.

GRACE brand was found by Mr. Zhou Juncai in 2011. Just before creating the brand, he had been aware that the reformation of office carpet market was up-coming. More and more enterprises attach importance to office environment, and it is a new trend to make office fashionable, diversified and individual. GRACE is tightly close to the market trend, and aims to provide more high-quality, fashionable and environmental-friendly products for clients. GRACE means elegant and kind in Dutch language. 

GRACE-Focus on carpet design